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How Pets Improve Our Mental Health


Every pet owner intuitively understands that their pets make them happy. Your pet is there to offer unconditional love and acceptance, whether it’s a dog greeting you at the door or a cat purring blissfully in your lap.  And guess what?  The advantages of having a pet are backed up by scientific evidence. From improved …

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The Dangers of Scented Candles


Scented candles are a popular way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your house. Lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood are soothing and energizing scents. Many individuals find that the warm glow and smell of pine, gingerbread, or cinnamon make a space feel more festive during the holidays. Most mass-produced scented candles, however, can have a harmful …

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Environmental Chemicals and Learning Disabilities


In the United States, conditions that make it difficult for children to understand, interact, or behave appropriately are widespread and growing. Learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), hyperactivity. autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities are becoming more and more common among children. The financial costs of special education and  medical services as well as the …

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The Fresh Air Smell


What does clean, fresh air smell like? Many people associate thunderstorms and the scent that they experience afterward as “clean”. This scent can be so soothing that some air cleaners and purifiers are labeled as “thunderstorm box” or “thunderstorm in a jar” according to the American Institute of Building Science,.  What the creators of these …

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The Microbiome and Health


What is Microbiome? Consider a crowded city on a weekday morning, with people trying to get to work or appointments. Imagine this on a microscopic scale, and you’ll get a sense of what the microbiome within our bodies looks like, with trillions of microorganisms (also known as microbiota or microbes) from thousands of different species. …

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