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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

How Pets Improve Our Mental Health


Every pet owner intuitively understands that their pets make them happy. Your pet is there to offer unconditional love and acceptance, whether it’s a dog greeting you at the door or a cat purring blissfully in your lap.  And guess what?  The advantages of having a pet are backed up by scientific evidence. From improved …

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The Microbiome and Health


What is Microbiome? Consider a crowded city on a weekday morning, with people trying to get to work or appointments. Imagine this on a microscopic scale, and you’ll get a sense of what the microbiome within our bodies looks like, with trillions of microorganisms (also known as microbiota or microbes) from thousands of different species. …

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Global Warming vs Your Mental Health


Severe weather patterns including heat waves, heavy rain, and major hurricanes are constantly increasing, according to the 2018 National Climate Assessment. These extreme weather events and the accompanying drought, wildfires and flooding are predicted to become even more intense and frequent as the planet continues to warm, according to the Center for Climate and Energy …

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How Houses Breathe


Indoor Air  The  walls, doors, and windows inside your home provide essential comfort, sheltering you from the elements – wind, cold, rain, snow and heat.  While the roof over your head, and floor below offer important protection, your house may suffer from poor indoor air quality. Older homes are often drafty with large amounts of …

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