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Mold Toxicity is No Joke!

Mold Toxicity

Imagine, each day you wake up feeling exhausted. You have trouble concentrating. Small irritations make you fly off the handle. Eventually, you are unable to get out of bed.

Mold toxicity is no joke. The byproducts of indoor mold include mold spores and mycotoxins. Common health problems from mold toxicity include skin problems, nausea, headaches, poor concentration, insomnia and depression. That’s not all; some mycotoxins cause liver damage and can be fatal.

How does mold toxicity happen? Water damaged buildings are the perfect breading ground for toxic indoor molds. A damaged roof, a pipe can leak or a leaky foundation are often the culprits. You don’t always know you have a leak, because the problem can be hidden by sheetrock, a bathroom vanity or behind a kitchen cabinet. In a matter of days, the warm wet environment provides the perfect breeding ground for indoor molds.

If you have this problem, there are several important steps that need to taken, often with the help of professionals. David describes these steps in his vlog here:

In case you have more questions, do let us know in the comments of drop us an email at david [at]

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