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Montclair, NJ

Periodically over the years, sometimes for months at a time, I suffered from bouts of very low energy. The source of the low energy eluded me since I was living a reasonably healthy lifestyle.  My last low energy period extended from May until August of 2009, which really put a damper on my summer.I went View Full →

Sacramento, CA

My Bedroom Machine and Allergy Machine work great! I have asthma and I feel like I am at the ocean breathing fresh air with these filters! M. M., Sacramento, C.A.

Brooklyn, NY

We had our first night with the HealthMate Plus last night. It was great! It is a really nice machine. Not too loud, but strong enough to really move the air and makes it feel and smell so much sweeter! Thanks for all of your help! S.L., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Wahiawa, Hawai’i

Thank you so much for this order. I have tried over the last couple of months to purchase Austin Air purifiers from various different companies. Nobody seemed to want to ship them to Hawaii. Then I finally found The Air Cleaner Store website.They arrived here on Friday in great condition no damage to the boxes View Full →

Cranford, NJ

After purchasing the first HealthMate Plus, my husband and I found that when we walked out of our bedroom in the morning we could smell the “new house” smell in the rest of the home.  It’s so interesting that we didn’t even realize that it smelled until we came from a room with clean air.  View Full →