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The surprising benefits of breathing fresh air


Walking outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air can bring a sense of satisfaction and  happiness to your day. Breathing fresh and clean air has been shown to offer some surprising health benefits in addition to just making you feel good. Here are 4 reasons why you should pay more attention to the benefits of breathing fresh air.

1.Clean air helps your body to heal faster and feel better

The body works hard to recover from disease and injury. Every cell in  our body requires oxygen to maintain health. Additionally, oxygen helps us to replace damaged cells. Oxygen therapy has been proven to help athletes recover from injury.  Unpolluted air helps you to feel better and mend more quickly.

2. Clean air boosts your energy levels and mental focus

When you take in more fresh air, the oxygen levels in your blood rise and travel to your brain. The increase in blood oxygen stimulates your alertness and increases your capacity to concentrate and recall information. According to a study conducted at Northumbria University’s Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, participants who were given oxygen instead of ordinary air performed up to 20% better on a memory test. 

3. Clean air stimulates and boosts your serotonin levels

Fresh air increases serotonin production, making you feel happier and less worried. All it takes is a few deep breaths of fresh air to acquire a clearer, sharper, and a calmer mind.

4.Clean air lowers blood pressure and heart rate

In order to survive, every cell in your body requires oxygen. When oxygen is in short supply, your heart works harder to ensure that what is available goes to where it is needed most. Clean air is rich in oxygen. Taking a few deep breaths will help your body to deliver more oxygen with less effort  to the heart.

As a result your blood pressure drops and your heart rate slows down.