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10 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In An Air Cleaner

Air cleaner

Air can contain many particles or substances that have the potential to affect our health and wellbeing. Air cleaner features advanced filtration technology capable of netting harmful particles in the air. The most efficient air cleaners on the market have superior filters with almost 100% efficiency. These filters are based on the advanced technology HEPA, which stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air.”  These filters capture even the smallest and invisible airborne particles found in an indoor environment.

Air cleaners do much more than just clean the air we breathe. 

While the health benefits of owning an air cleaner are many, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should invest in one.                                                                                                                                      

1. Air cleaners help prevent headaches

The sinus headache is a very common type of headache. Most often, the underlying cause for this type of headache is airborne allergens. When we inhale them, they cause irritation, inflammation and pain in the region around the head. When the air cleaner does it’s magic, it kills these allergens and prevents you from inhaling them.

2. Air Cleaners benefit your skin

When air cleaners  adsorb and inactivate pollutants from the air you breathe,  it is also protecting your skin from irritants that trigger itchiness, acne, and other skin conditions. This way your skin doesn’t have contact with these toxins and germs. Having clean indoor air slows down the aging process and heals acne. 

3. Air Cleaners protect your walls from molds

Humidity can cause ugly spots to appear on your walls. Mold patches are not only unpleasant to look at, but they also can cause health problems. Air cleaners adsorb and kill these mold spores, allowing your walls and wallpaper to stay clean and shiny.

4. Air Cleaners decrease risks of contamination

Indoor air contains over 1500 kinds of bacteria, including ones that can make us sick. Whenever someone with a cold sneezes, germs spread in the air and are inhaled by others, which results in contamination. Air cleaners help capture then inactivate these germs, reducing your risk of getting sick.

5. Air Cleaners help you lead a healthier lifestyle

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? One of the best places to start is to buy an efficient air cleaner for your home or office. Air cleaners can be  immensely helpful to people with  weakened immune systems. Pregnant women also benefit from  fresh and clean air. The risk of newborns developing  airborne illnesses can be significantly reduced.

6. Air Cleaners remove pet’s hair

If you have a pet, you know they shed hair as well as dander and produce odor. Pets put children and other family members at constant risk of breathing in all of these airborne particles. If the pet is not groomed on a regular basis, the problem can be exacerbated. When the airborne particles enter your body, they can trigger allergies and cause health complications several years down the road. One of the things you can do to live harmoniously with your pet is buy a good air cleaner that filters these harmful particles out of the air, and helps to make your home and environment safe.

7. Air Cleaners fight asthma and other respiratory issues

Air cleaners help eliminate the microbes that cause asthma, allergies , and other respiratory anomalies. HEPA filters have the index to filter 99% of allergens. Buying a carbon filter will help you eliminate odors and airborne chemicals. Air cleaners are considered the fourth most effective measure you can take to prevent asthma, and a great way to provide a healthy environment at home!

8. Air Cleaners remove mosquitos

Over the years air cleaners benefits increased throughout the years with the development of the technology they use. Some air cleaners have been found to be excellent mosquito treatment. You will have the best night sleep, even during summer and insect-buzzing seasons. While you will be breathing clean air , you get to have a mosquito free environment.

9. Air Cleaners helps your home and kitchen smell clean

Whether you are frying some vegetables, grilling meat, or baking a cake, cooking releases heat. When you cook, the air is filled with carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other chemicals that are unhealthy and have an odor. An air cleaner eliminates  these toxins while keeping your kitchen and home smelling clean at all times.

10. Air Cleaners reduce stress

Several studies have proved that  air pollutants in both indoor and outdoor environments  increase your stress level. By removing toxins from the air, air cleaners instantly reduce your stress levels, and play a major role in maintaining a healthy mental health.