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Our second child developed many of the allergies that her father has suffered from for years. After seeing many doctors we landed in a doctor’s office which had an Austin Air purifier in the waiting room. We purchased one for our daughter’s room and it was a game-changer. She would wake up each morning with fewer symptoms than the previous evening. We bought another purifier for the living room. Her asthma attacks reduced and she had fewer respiratory infections. Next, we purchased an air purifier for her classroom and began to bring one in the trunk of our car when we traveled.

As health care providers, it was a no-brainer for David and I to let our clients know about Austin Air purifiers. Eventually, we decided to make them easily available to our patients and began to distribute them; that was 20 years ago! They are a staple in our home and traveling companions when we leave.


Rebekah Frome, PTA, Advanced Rolfer

As a child, I suffered with a runny nose, red eyes, and sneezing fits that were sometimes so bad I was sent home from school. Doctor visits confirmed that I had respiratory allergies.  I was put on antihistamines and given allergy shots. The medications were not very effective.

For years we searched for a solution for my daughter’s health issues. That led us to an allergist who used Austin Air Purifiers in his office. Upon his recommendation, we placed some units in our home that lead to a striking difference for me. As my allergic symptoms diminished, my health improved.  

It has been a pleasure to offer my patients such quick and effective relief just by treating the air. As a health practitioner, I have had the opportunity to evaluate my client’s home and work environments while treating their health challenges. As a physical therapist and acupuncturist this comprehensive approach has been extremely effective and raises the success rate of my treatments.


David Frome, PT, LAc., Advanced Rolfer

With over 20 years of dedication and commitment, we’ve improved and forever changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Our mission is to bring clean air to everyone, everywhere.

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