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Hypoallergenic Dog breeds – Pet Guide for People with Allergies

Hypoallergenic Dog breeds

Dogs are a source of companionship, entertainment, and endless unconditional love. From largest to the smallest, they can find the most hidden, vulnerable place in our hearts and settle in for a lifetime. While some people can’t imagine life without one, for others having a dog comes at a high health cost.  If you suffer from allergies, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath are all reactions that a furry companion can trigger. 

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology,10% of the US population have dog allergies.

While there are no dogs that are 100% hypoallergenic, some breeds trigger fewer problems for allergy sufferers. Dander, which is attached to pet hair, is what causes most pet allergies in humans. These hypoallergenic dog breeds have a non-shedding coat that produces less dander.

Here is a list of 10 best friends that go well with allergy sufferers: 

1.Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

You can expect quite the personality to come with this breed. Being as small as 9-11 inches , they are commonly referred to as “little charming  comedians” . The Bichon Frise are irresistibly fluffy and their white coats are soft to pet. Their coat is made up of hair instead of fur and sheds very rarely which makes them hypoallergenic. Their life expectancy is 14-15 years.

2.Chinese Crested

Hypoallergenic Dog breeds

Powder puff or hairless, the Chinese Crested are considered hypoallergenic. They are affectionate, alert and lively. Tending to live 12 to 14 years, the Chinese Crested breed comes in a combination of colors with a great deal of variation between dogs.



The Maltese is affectionate, responsive, intelligent, and trusting. These tiny fluffy cotton like balls don’t shed nearly as much as most dogs. They have a lifespan of around 12- 14 years.



Poodles come in three varieties: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle.

They are highly intelligent and attentive, and require your company to be happy. The poodles curly hair requires regular clipping , but they don’t shed much at all which is why they are considered as one of the most hypoallergenic pets. The average lifespan of a poodle is 10-18 years.

5.Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed of dog. Their name comes from the italian word  “Romagnol can lagòt”  meaning “water dog”.  As a breed they are loyal, playful and committed.

These dogs are a high maintenance friend, as their coat needs regular grooming to keep their hair from matting. Their life expectancy is 15-17 years.

6.Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are  compact, short-legged small versions of the terrier breed. They are independent, smart and very proud most of the time. The Scottish Terrier is better suited to older children, as it is friendly but can be a little abrasive. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years.

7.Peruvian Inca Orchid

hypoallergenic dog breeds pet guide for people with allergies 2

The Peruvian dog also known as  “Chimú dog” is one of the breeds of hairless dogs. They are native to Peru and were naturally raised as pets. Peruvian Inca Orchids are typically chocolate brown, grey, copper or mottled. They are highly affectionate with their family and have a tendency to protect women and children, which is why they can be wary of strangers. Their life expectancy: 12-14 years.

8.Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest terrier type. The breed was developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England- hence where it’s name comes from. They are affectionate, fast and playful with a life expectancy of 11-15 years.



Whippets are fast and energetic. They are affectionate, playful, calm and low maintenance in regards to grooming. They only require a towel rub to keep their sleek look. Whippets life expectancy is 12-15 years.



The  Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the “Mexican Hairless Dog” are loyal, calm and alert. They come in 3 sub breeds- small (toy), miniature and standard. Xoloitzcuintlis life expectancy is 13-18 years.