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Our 5 Step Program To Overcome Environmental Health Problems

An old joke features a family having dinner at a sidewalk café in New York.  Mom says, “Hurry up and eat your soup, dear, before it gets dirty.”

The concept of outdoor air pollution is not a new one.  For many of us though, we don’t think of indoor air as being polluted and being bad for us when in fact, it could be making you sick.

Child struggling with environmental health problemsOne of my children had chronic respiratory problems and developed asthma. Even though she was being treated aggressively with medications, including anti histamines and inhalers, her allergies and asthma were not well controlled. She would often develop asthma & bronchitis and sometimes she required more aggressive drugs.

Rachel’s doctor recommended an Austin Air cleaner. We put the air cleaner in her bedroom and her respiratory status improved overnight!  Gradually her health and strength improved and she relied less on medications.

When she returned to school, her symptoms returned. She’d come home in the afternoon with red itchy eyes, runny nose and sometimes asthma. After a good night’s sleep she would wake up in the morning and feel better. The cycle repeated each day.

We approached the school administration and asked if they would allow us to put an Austin Air Cleaner in each of her classrooms. The change in Rachel’s health was phenomenal! Her incidence of allergies and asthma dropped tremendously. And that is how it is that I came to be an Austin Air distributor.

Do you or someone you love suffer from environmental illness? I offer a five-step program that can help you overcome environmental health problems.

The 5 Step Program To Overcome Environmental Health Problems:

  1. Identify the site of the crime  – Observe when your health deteriorates and when you feel better.  Keep a log; document your symptoms and the place where you get sick.Dr. Rapp has done some wonderful work with children using simple handwriting and drawing tests to help you determine which environments are creating health problems. A toxic environment can ruin your handwriting, create behavioral problems, depression, loss of energy, loss of attention and respiratory illness.

    Austin Air cleaners help solve environmental health problems
  2. Become a detective – It is essential to identify what is causing your illness. Which are the particles or chemicals that trigger your immune system’s response? Is it a microscopic particle, such as:  mold spores, dust mites, pet dander or pollen? Or, are you sensitive to airborne chemicals, which include: cleaning products, composite woods, construction adhesives, paints solvents, copy toner and carpeting.
  3. Fix the problem – While it is not always simple, remediation is an essential key to having a healthy home, overcoming environmental sickness and maintaining optimum health. Dehumidify the air to keep molds and dust-mites at bay.Cover your bedding with dust-mite protectors and remove wall to wall carpeting. Choose cleaning products, paints and furnishings with low VOCs.
  4. Repair and strengthen your immune system – Get help!  Acupuncture, nutrition and other holistic healing arts can help you repair and strengthen your immune system. Find a practitioner who understands environmental health and can help you to become well.
  5. Trap the suckers!  That’s right, you can trap all of these airborne irritants – both particles and chemicals with a high quality air cleaner. The best air cleaners incorporate medical grade HEPA and activated carbon filtration.  Austin Air uses the best filter media and lots of it.

To learn more about environmental illness, air cleaner technology and Austin Air products call David Frome, P.T., L.Ac. and owner of The Air Cleaner Store 973.820.8719 or send  us an email with your questions.