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Shipping Austin Air Cleaners to Hawaii

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Shipping Austin Air Purifiers to Hawaii can be expensive!

As the owner of The Air Cleaner Store,  I have over 20 years of experience as an authorized distributor of Austin Air Cleaners to the islands of Hawaii..

Save over $150 on shipping!

 In January 2023 the cost to ship the Austin Air HealthMate Plus to The Big Island was  $350.00.  That’s a real deal breaker!  However, if you order directly through The Air Cleaner Store, we will ship the same product to you in Hawaii for $199.00.  That’s right, $199.00 shipping to Hawaii!

Shipped from Austin Air

 These air cleaners are drop shipped from the Austin Air plant in Buffalo, NY.  The shipper will be either FedEx or UPS and typically takes about a week before arriving at your door.  I’ll send you tracking information so you can stay updated. 

 You can still take advantage of The Air Cleaner Store’s discounted shipping of air cleaners to Hawaii. We also offer discounted shipping for Austin Air replacement filters.