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Shipping Air Cleaners to Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii, getting packages shipped from the mainland has its hassles.  As the owner of The Air Cleaner Store, a distributor of Austin Air Cleaners, I’ve had considerable experience shipping packages to the islands of Hawaii.
Shipping Air Cleaners to Hawaii
Shipping costs to Hawaii are expensive!
First, it’s expensive! If you use private couriers including Fedex or UPS, a 53 pound box will cost you over $235.00 dollars to ship from the mainland to Honolulu.  That’s a real deal breaker! To solve this problem, I had Austin Air ship the air cleaners to me in New Jersey via UPS. Than, I would ship the product to Hawaii with USPS Priority Mail.  I was able to save the customer a bundle on shipping and it was fast. My first shipment was to Honolulu, Oahu was smooth. Next, I shipped to a customer in Wahiawa, also on Oahu. That package also arrived intact.  My shipment to Kailua on Kona was uneventful.  USPS was doing a fine job of shipping for a fraction of the usual cost. But that’s where our troubles began. My customer in Hanapepe, Kauai received a unit that was damaged in transit. We made a claim with the USPS but were unsuccessful recouping the cost of the damages.  Another client in Makawao, Maui also received an air cleaner that was dented. Using USPS for shipping had seemed like a good deal, but the eventually I realized that the deal had gone sour. I no longer ship via USPS. I now use UPS as my shipper, but continue to offer $159.00 shipping for our air cleaners to Hawaii.  This saves our customers of over $75.00. UPS does a better job handling the product and the air cleaners arrive in good shape. UPS is also better at assuming responsibility in the rare instance that a product is damaged in shipping. Sometimes the cheapest solution is not always the best.  I’ve learned my lesson!  You can still take advantage of The Air Cleaner Store discounted shipping of air cleaners to Hawaii, but we now ship via UPS!