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Smoke and Soot Undermine Health

smoke and soot

Smoke and soot are the waste products of combustion. Typically, we think of forest or house fires as causing smoke and soot. Smoke and soot are also produced when we drive our cars and heat our homes. Other sources of smoke and soot include incinerators, the generation of electricity by burning coal, manufacturing plants, barbecues, fireplaces tobacco and volcanoes.

This past autumn, wild fires in the state of California were a huge problem. The waste products from wildfires include solids, liquids and gasses. When these byproducts become airborne, they create health risks including allergies, asthma and cancer. While all smoke is problematic, when homes and commercial buildings burn, synthetic carpets and building materials create highly toxic smoke and soot.

You can’t always see these dangerous substances. Volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) and microscopic particles are often not visible to us. While people with a history of respiratory problems or cardiac issues have the greatest risk, the very young and the very old are also especially vulnerable. The bottom line is that no one should breath toxic air.

A premium HEPA air cleaner with activated carbon will help protect your and your loved ones from airborne smoke and soot. What makes an air cleaner up to the up to the task?

Their are three essential elements:

  1. HEPA air cleaners remove airborne particles from the air. You want a true medical grade HEPA filter. The larger the square footage of HEPA, the more effective and long lasting the unit will be for removing particles from the air. Both the Austin Air HealthMate Plus and the HealthMate have over 60 square feet of true medical grade HEPA media.
  1. Activated carbon filters remove airborne chemicals and VOC’s from the air. The larger the carbon filter, the more chemicals it will adsorb. The Austin Air HealthMate has over 15 pounds of activated carbon with zeolite, a type of clay from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico that enhances the carbon filter’s ability to remove chemicals from the air. The HealthMate Plus has the same amount of carbon zeolite with the addition of potassium iodide, chemisorber, which breaks down large molecules into smaller ones. Chemisorbers enhance the carbons ability to remove gasses from the air.
  1. A powerful motor is necessary to move the air from the room and through the filter media. Austin Air’s HealthMate and HealthMate Plus move over 250 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) through the filter, quietly!

Austin Air cleaners are guaranteed to last for a full 5 years. I have units that I have run continuously for over 10 years! The filter is warranted to last for 5 years. If you have a difficult air quality problem, including smoke and soot, the filter life may be reduced. If you need to replace your Austin Air’s filter in less than 5 years, the AA five-year filter warrantee can reduce the cost of a replacement filter.

To learn more about Austin Air cleaners you can visit us at or call us at 973.820.8719.

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