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How to Apply for Government Funds for An Air Cleaner

Government Funds

The $900 billion government funds bill passed by the United States Congress in the final days of 2020 opens doors of opportunity for many Americans who have suffered financial hardship as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Small companies, schools, daycare centers, and healthcare providers can receive funds to help lessen the financial strain and implement COVID-19 mitigation techniques in order to sustain our communities. 

COVID-19 relief funding outlined in the CARES Act can be used to purchase commercial indoor air purification systems like Austin Air Units. These units are made with medical-grade components and have already helped thousands of facilities open safely by capturing and destroying 99.7% of airborne pathogens and indoor pollutants.

Not everyone has time to read the 5,000+ page CARES Act. If you want to apply for financing to help you bring clean indoor air into a commercial building, classroom, restaurant, or fitness center, we have provided a simple breakdown of some of the package’s highlights by category, along with links to the more resources.

  1. Schools and Education Facilities 

As schools and universities try to reintroduce in-class and on-campus learning, it’s critical to ensure that classrooms are providing a clean and healthy environment. 

The package provides $54.3 billion in emergency relief money for K-12 schools, which will be used to repair facilities and enhance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality.

The plan also includes a $22.7 billion CARES Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund for colleges and universities.  

The remaining $10 billion from these funds are to support childcare providers and enable them to open safely.

  1. Small and Medium Businesses 

Relief for businesses is extensive at $284 billion that ranges from Payroll Protection Program loans to Economic Injury Disaster Loans. This bill includes $15 billion in funding for struggling live event entertainment and arts facilities who want to improve COVID safety. Clean and healthy indoor air, in addition to masks, limited occupancy, and appropriate spacing, is an important part of the mitigation puzzle.

  1. Health Care Facilities 

The US Health and Human Services Department has a toll-free phone number – 866-569-3522 – for nursing homes, long-term care residences, out-patient clinics, and other healthcare organizations with inquiries about the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. Here’s where you can learn more about COVID-19 grant options and guidelines, as well as a web page dedicated to providers.