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How Pets Improve Your Mental Health


Every pet owner intuitively understands that their pets make them happy. Your pet is there to offer unconditional love and acceptance, whether it’s a dog greeting you at the door or a cat purring blissfully in your lap.  And guess what?  The advantages of having a pet are backed up by scientific evidence. From improved heart health to reduced stress and anxiety, an animal can definitely  brighten up one’s life.  Here’s how pets can help to improve your mental health to reduced depression and anxiety, etc:

  1. Companionship is a wonderful thing. When you live with a pet, you always have someone with you at home. When compared to individuals who do not own pets, pet owners say they feel less alone. Pets can also assist you in making connections with others. Dog owners, for example, are more likely to meet and interact with their neighbors.
  2. Mood enhancer. It’s likely that just looking at your pet will make you feel better. According to studies, making eye contact with your dog can cause the production of a hormone that makes you feel happy. Oxytocin is a hormone that is frequently referred to as the “love hormone.” It instantly improves your mood.
  3. Helps create healthy routines. Having a pet involves being responsible for their needs on a daily basis. Setting up a feeding, grooming, and exercise plan for your pet is a great way to bring stability and regularity into your life. Routines provide a vital sense of control for persons suffering from anxiety or despair. Taking care of a pet instills a sense of responsibility in children.
  4. Lowers stress levels. Petting your dog or cat is a quick method to de-stress for most pet owners, but there is a scientific rationale for how pets can help with anxiety. Being around pets can help relieve stress and anxiety by lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

While the benefits of having a furry companion are endless, bringing a pet into your life is a serious commitment. Before getting a pet you need to consider the time and money you’ll need to invest in pet care. Apart from the responsibility of feeding them, grooming them, and taking them for walks and regular check-ups at the vet, one thing people who have never had pets before think about is pet dander and pet odors. Furry companions require you to step up your cleaning and hygiene. Regular and more thorough cleaning sessions, as well as a high-quality air cleaner, is highly recommended if you want to have a healthy relationship and experience with your pet. Air Cleaners like HealthMate, based on true HEPA technology with an active carbon and zeolite filter will not only make sure your home air smells clean and odorless but will also provide the protection you and your family need to remove and possibly prevent allergy symptoms to pet dander.