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Pre-Schoolers – The Gift of a HEPA Air Cleaner

Child drawing in school

Classrooms can be highly contagious environments for the spread of airborne viruses.

As children return to school this fall important interventions to address indoor air quality problems include improved ventilation and HEPA filtration. It does not take long for an illness to spread throughout a classroom of children. It has been demonstrated that COVID  is even more easily spread than influenza, increasing the likelihood of the virus to be passed from student to student.

Did you know that preschoolers get seven to eight colds a year?

That’s a lot more than other school age children who get an average of five to six colds a year. Colds are viruses, most commonly, the rhinovirus. The transmission of colds is similar to the transmission of the COVID virus. Let’s look at why children, especially small children are more prone to catching and spreading infectious diseases and what can be done to minimize risk.

There are several factors that contribute to our youngest children catching colds, and some important steps that you can take to help manage this problem. Young children are typically in close contact and don’t always “catch” their sneezes. Often, as they play and learn about the world, they touch everything. Additionally, their immune systems are not fully formed and are not able to fight off the invading germs.

Obvious solutions include maintaining high standards of cleanliness for both the children and the classroom environment. That includes frequent hand washing and the cleaning of all surfaces in the room. Additionally, the use of masks and maintaining social distance are also key in limiting the spread of infectious diseases. These precautions are widely followed, and go a long way to managing disease transmission.

A critical step is to remove airborne pathogens from the air

 A medical grade HEPA air cleaner with an activated carbon filter can help you to do just that. This combination of HEPA filtration with an activated carbon bed will help you manage infectious diseases, allergens, VOCs and more.

A recent study at Goethe University in Frankfurt , Germany examined the influence that HEPA air filtration could have in classrooms to keep children and staff safe. They placed a HEPA air purifier in the classroom. Ninety percent of particulates in the air were reduced within half an hour. They ascertained that using a HEPA purifier would reduce the risk of an inhaled dose by six.

Since the beginning of the COVID health crisis thousands of Austin air cleaners have been shipped to schools. Over the past thirty years the US Government, FEMA and Red Cross have utilized Austin Air purifiers to deal with emergency situations. Austin Air purifiers are used in schools around the world. Learn more by watching this two minute  Eye Wittness News feature.

Consider giving the gift of an Austin Air HealthMate Plus to your child’s school or preschool. Not only will it help manage the spread of infectious diseases. It will help keep your child and their friends safe.  Call us to learn more about how air purifiers can improve classroom safety. (877) 432-1247. At The Air Cleaner Store, we offer significant discounts on volume orders.