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Mold In Your Home – What You Can Do?

Worried Man, Flooded Home

Molds like warm, wet, dark environments. If you have had a leak or flood, your home could be the ideal place for molds to grow. If you have mold in your home, what can you do?

Molds reproduce by creating tiny mold spores. These spores float in the air and often cause respiratory problems including allergies and asthma. Additionally, molds produce mycotoxins, a VOC that can be dangerous to humans. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) indoor air pollution due to microbial growth has become a serious threat to our health.

If you are sensitive to mold spores or mycotoxins, you may have difficulty breathing. Mold spores can also cause skin problems, nausea, headaches, poor concentration, insomnia, and depression.  

Mold In Your Home

Time is of the essence. You can fight back. There are several important steps for you to take immediately. Leaks must be repaired. Basement floods must be addressed. Replace any waterlogged building material in flooring, walls, and coverings.

Additionally, you will also need to treat the air. The trick is to remove mold spores and mycotoxins from the air before they land and proliferate on the floor and walls of your home.

A premium HEPA air cleaner traps and removes mold spores, bacteria and virus from the air. HEPA is the ultimate standard in particle removal. A good quality HEPA filter will clean the air of particles as small as 0.05 microns, as reported by NASA. Mold spores bacteria and viruses are trapped in the HEPA filter.

Activated carbon filters remove both odors and VOCs including mycotoxins. Proper air filtration is an important step because:

  1. Removing the mold spores prevents the mold from spreading and reproducing.
  2. Removing the mold spores and mycotoxins provides clean, fresh air for you to breathe. You and your immune system will be relieved.
  3. Austin Air HealthMate™ and HealthMate Plus are the best air cleaners on the market today for mold removal.

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