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Clean Air- Essential in Healthcare Settings

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Clean air in healthcare settings is essential. This is especially true in practices that see a high volume of patients, many who are either sick or vulnerable. 

The CDC reports that HEPA air purifiers remove 99.97% of all airborne viral particles associated with COVID SAR- 2. Doctors, dentists, and healthcare practitioners use air purification to protect both their patients and staff from infectious diseases and airborne irritants. 

HEPA air purifiers capture and destroy viruses

HEPA air cleaners have been clinically proven to capture and destroy airborne contaminants and viruses. The NIH (National Institute of Health) states that HEPA air filtration is an important part of an exposure control plan for limiting the spread of COVID-19. To learn more, read our post, Corona Virus, and HEPA Air Cleaners.

Why medical practices choose Austin Air

Austin air has been used in clinical trials at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, the University of Washington, and the University of John Hopkins. Austin Air Healthmate Plus was tested by the US government alongside 100+ competitors. Austin Air was the number one choice of air cleaner for removing chemicals from the air. That’s why AA was chosen by the Red Cross for the largest deployment of air cleaners in US history following 9/11.

Austin Air’s units have over 60 square feet of true medical-grade HEPA, which traps ultrafine particles and airborne biological contaminants. Additionally, the HealthMate +, HealthMate, and Bedroom Machine each have over 15 lb of activated charcoal carbon to adsorb odors and dangerous chemicals. The unit is all-steel and has a 5-year filter life, making it the obvious choice for medical practices. 

Contact The Air Cleaner Store for your needs assessment. We will help you evaluate the size of your facility, the individual rooms in your practice, and your air cleaner needs.  The Air Cleaner Store has served healthcare providers for over 20 years. We offer volume discounts to healthcare practitioners.